by One Good Round



The only album recorded by One Good Round, a San Francisco Bay Area band that played and recorded between 2006 and 2009...featuring songs written by Shaun David Milella and Adam Wright......Therapy falls in the unique area in between singer/songwriter and full rock band...


released December 31, 2007

Shaun David - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Adam Wright - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
Jeremiah Wheeler - Percussion
Keith Washo - Keys

other musicians...

Kevin DiNoto - Percussion on all tracks except 10 Minutes and Lipstick Case
Kate E. Randall - Vocals on 10 Minutes
Andy Zenczak - Dobro on Mountain Radio

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8 Written by Shaun David Milella
Tracks 3, 6, and 7 Written by Adam Wright

Recorded at Gadgetbox Studio, Santa Cruz, CA



all rights reserved


Shaun David & the Lost San Francisco, California

San Francisco based singer/songwriter

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Track Name: Kings of the City
what'd you think, when you saw that view like pages drawn in ink, starry night, but not from the sky like the 4th of july through my eyes, are you feeling normal, are you feeling high, it was sweet, we were the kings of the city momentarily, it was brief, we were the kings of the city, come with me, would you please, we'll be the kings of the city, see i measured out the distance, you're feeling no resistance from me, tell me what do you think, door to door, can they be that close can you hear me shout out the score, did you know, doesn't this seem just like the set of a tv show, are you feeling troubled, are you feeling free
Track Name: Running Back to You
i'm not done running back to you, i'm not done running back to you, you know you supply my sunshine, you know you supply my blues, you know that you take everything that you never, never meant to lose, i'm not done running back to you, i'm never done running back to you, never meant to lose
Track Name: 10 Minutes
do you bring a coat to denver, summertime temperatures can still be cold, but i don't mind the weather, cause i'm marked down and ready to be sold, when you pack your suitcase, please don't forget to throw away your watch cause i don't want to know, bartender one more scotch
Track Name: Mountain Radio
by the time we reached the mississippi, crossing over those boundary lines, a smile that spoke when you're with me, i've got no worries babe we're doing fine, and who would ever say that they thought we couldn't make it, playing just pretend but you know we wouldn't fake it, this freedom made of clay, the steps are laid out so we know what we're after, but we gotta make haste cause the clocks moving faster, the bar we set has been raised, 101.7 listening to mountain radio, just follow the blue stretch of highway, it will lead you where you need to go, but it's easier to go when you that you gotta, it's good right now, but it's gonna get harder, this won't feel anything like home, starting brand new in the south bay city, such a long way from a small town outside milwaukee, no home is ever carved in stone, construction barrels make the shoulder, merge your left lane into one, the sign reads california, and part number two has just begun, for this i can't show over the phone
Track Name: Do I Need a Shrink?
take your voice, and tone it down, don't let me figure out, what you're saying, when i'm not around, even if it's nice, cause i've been cool, like december, i've been a fool, if you don't remember, you say i'm a tool, well she thinks i'm clever, but i'll make her think twice, it's a fine, fine line, i've been walking and i need a rest, between having no pride, and pretending that i'm the best, if you give me some time, maybe i'll just confess, that it really isn't nothing special, but it's the only thing i do best, it's the only thing i do best, gimme some whiskey, but i don't drink a lot, give me some therapy, cause i'm on the brink, of destruction, doc what'd you think, do i need a shrink, i'm the happy, guy in here, i'm glad everyone sees that clear, you can't convince me to shed a tear, when you see me blink