Bare as Bone Volume 2

by Shaun David



Recorded Live at 7th Chord Studio on May 13th, 2014

1 Guitar, 1 Vocal and bunch of microphones


released June 12, 2014

All songs written and performed by Shaun David Milella
Engineered and Mixed by Alex James Muscat
Recorded at 7th Chord Studio
Produced by Shaun David Milella and Alex James Muscat



all rights reserved


Shaun David & the Lost San Francisco, California

San Francisco based singer/songwriter

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Track Name: Angry as I Am
i'm too old to be angry as i am, if i could steal a thing, it'd be the heart of a dying man that's holding on to gravity, escaping the damned, i'll say what i need, to justify the means, when i take what i need, do you need me shouting in your ear, the truth is hard to find i know, but you my dear, nothing but a crystal lining, just trying to shine
Track Name: Lily White Castle
i try to speak, but i am weak, yeah i am weak, we will forgot the act, remember that, remember that, in our lily white castle, were sound asleep, in our lily white castle, were sound asleep, you wont say a thing, cause it makes it hard, hard to think, and we wont stir the rest, halt the brain, ignore the chest yes, shouting now but no one hears it, shouting now but no one hears
Track Name: Just a Few
take me out but i'll never have money, take me out if you choose, sign me up but i'll never have money, sign me up if you still want to, we failed the course, we failed to cross somebody's ocean, and you knew, we failed the course, we failed to bring stabilization, just a few, oh the smoke went black, oh the smoke went, time to whisper, time to whisper back
Track Name: One Hand Steer
cover my mouth and practice placing our ears to the floor, we've been talking way too much, and i started to ignore our reasons, you and i've got similar meanings for humans and being, and how to try to restore, baby east of here we'll take our walkabout, you'll find us hiding in new york or charlie beach, using the one hand steer we'll finally drive without, the gas, the break, repeat, i'm dangerously close, not only trying to sit on the fence, i suppose that i'd love to dig out the post
Track Name: Dive
all my history and all that i embrace, all my complications and all that i chase in reality, the direction that we face is subject to question, our evolution in a race with our stubbornness, our resistance to change age old monarchies that produce the same old greediness, that's driving the train for dead on arrival that's the excuse they gave, what your'e seeing now, are ancient days rescribed, and i will try to show you how, to dive, i wish i could see the skeletal remains, pinpoint precision before the big bang started everything, well that's what the smart men say