Super Baby

by Shaun David & the Lost



Debut album from Shaun David & the Lost, Super baby has it's roots based in well crafted songs, dynamics, and unique lyrical melodies. Elements of rock, country, reggae, folk, and jazz flow throughout the album. Timely solos by saxophone, electric guitar, or piano accompany catchy choruses and bridges, all while the album rises and returns.


released December 27, 2012

Shaun David Milella - Vocals, Guitar
Dan Dectis - Saxophone, Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Raymond Bambao - Bass, Keys, Trombone
Dean deCastro - Drums, Percussion
Adrian deCastro - Percussion, Vocals
Jonathan Bautista - Saxophone, Keys
Samir Almira - Percussion
Gavi Elkind - Vocals

All Songs Written by Shaun David Milella

Recorded @ Last Stop Records

Produced by Shaun David Milella and Alex James Muscat
Mixed, Mastered, and Engineered by Alex James Muscat



all rights reserved


Shaun David & the Lost San Francisco, California

San Francisco based singer/songwriter

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Track Name: Please Come Get Your Things
the bills i have to pay are twice as much as they were last week, and when i get to work i need to flirt with the possibility of ending it quickly, i was up all by myself for over eight hours, i was drinking whiskey, i never went to sleep so as far as i'm concerned it's still today, and you're still with me, i still got the dog that you wouldn't take away, i still have half your clothes and your bed frame, i still have everything here, telling me everything is gone, i hope you're having fun at your sisters place, going out to giants games with guys that look like me, i'll be right here at the house trying just how to figure out to pay for this damn TV, so it's back to being me, but that's the funny thing is i don't know how to be when i'm me, so please come and get your things, and i will try to shake that title of the murderer of fun, if you promise me you will keep a stiff eye out, when we're hanging out with that gaga wannabe who at least two or three times tried to tear us down, you know what i mean, so please come and get your things
Track Name: Diamonds
they say hold still but you know i never will, you gotta move your feet, and run down to the garden and i will meet you by the fence and take turns with the lead, and i will buy you diamonds every time you cry, i will buy you diamonds every time you cry, i will buy you diamonds, touchdown home town yeah my old stomping grounds look different to me, sight for eyes sore i don't know you anymore, well i've seen her hands they're bare as bones, she aint got no diamonds on, she keeps clapping her hands and tapping the floor, even when the money's gone, whoa whoa even when the money's gone whoa whoa, so take me where you want me i am yours to throw around, from city to sea, any state babe any country anywhere i do believe if you have me around
Track Name: Super Baby
i've got productions i'll show you for free, please take all pictures with your memory, i've got nothing, no, no finders fee, waiting for comets to come streaking with me, see em streaking babe, i'll be your super baby, sunshine makes me feel like a little baby, i wanna frolic with the bees and ladies, no don't worry bout your suit for bathing, waiting for nightfall moon glistening, see it glisten babe, i'll make a promise no fake anything, go check the table i'll take more than i bring, but i've got your love so tight with no ring, waiting for no one, no one's blessing, won't you bless em babe, i'll be your super baby
Track Name: Phone Booths
understand me when i tell you please leave, you've got your candy, size you up to your knees, ask your body why do you bleed, from what you told me it seems to fit your needs, so were looking always for a something clever, leaning on some sort of remedy, bit a few times but it's next to never, i've got a short term memory, seems your lucky got your folks and their green, something stuck with me while living beneath my means, i know your story, there's more to you than your scream, the old oak tree protects me from your gleam, i've got suspicions you've got hidden ammunition underneath those mittens your gripping something spinning so fast, bypass, these doubts that don't last, retract your comment about my past, cause they went the same way, they bent the same rules, they choose clues that lead to empty phone booths, i told you, nobody knows the things that hold you, you've made decisions based on certain premonitions given that your mission is kissing pretty girls from way back, rehash, those straws that broke back, find you a place, get off my lap, cause they make the same pay, they went to same schools, they choose clues that lead to empty phone booths
Track Name: Another One for the Banks
another tumble down yeah another one for the banks, and when that shot went off the general dropped the reins, it happened so, so fast, it happened so, another jump in time yeah forward for a price, keep me in all day and you work me in the night, a pretty girl came up to me and thought i looked nice, i said yeah, thanks well anyway, i should of been at home on the night we had to grow up, or maybe helping you like the time you were throwing up, i've spent so many days down here, gonna be at least a few more years, so buddy can you pour me another beer, baby hurry up and sit down right here, sit down right here, another song went down yeah the first one in a while, i'll turn the volume down but i would not touch that dial, my favorite show is on and oh it makes me smile, to say no thanks well anyway
Track Name: Big Mistake
ooh she walks like candy down the hallway, ooh she counters quickly, quick to the brain, making a big mistake, making a big mistake, you're making a big mistake, won't you take me gently to the crystal cave or basin bay, won't you bring me something back from when you were away for all those days, ooh she's cracking slowly like a crystal vase, on her birthday, making a big mistake